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The 8-Stage Model of the Tennis Serve with Dr. Mark Kovacs

Learn why the kinetic chain is the key to unlocking massive power and biomechanical efficiency on your serve.  Dr. Kovacs will show you step-by-step how to use each part of your body to hit big serves consistently. Mark has trained numerous top professional tennis players, including John Isner, Sloane Stephens, Sam Querrey, Donald Young, and Melanie Oudin on how to reach peak tennis performance and founded the Kovacs Institute. 

Mark Kovacs headshot v2

A Step-by-Step Blueprint for Hitting More Powerful Serves with Jeff Salzenstein

Jeff will show you key principles and techniques to supercharge your tennis serve. Learn the most common reasons why your serve hasn't reached its potential and the little-known serve tips that have produced results for thousands of tennis players who have studied Jeff's courses. Jeff broke the top 100 in the world for the first time at the age of 30 (reached #100 in singles) and #69 in doubles on the ATP Tour and is the founder of Tennis Evolution. Jeff is also a USTA High-Performance Coach, USPTA Elite Professional, and highly sought-after mental performance coach.

Jeff Salzenstein Headshot

Secrets to a World-Class Serve with Grand Slam Champion Johan Kriek

Johan will reveal his secrets for developing power and consistency on your serve. Johan has won two Australian Opens, was a semi-finalist at the US Open, reached the semi-finals at the French Open and the quarterfinals of Wimbledon. He has won 14 professional singles and 8 doubles titles, reaching an all-time high ranking of Number 7 in the world. Kriek’s most memorable wins include victories over Andre Agassi, Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg.

johan kriek

4 Drills to Develop an Effective Second Serve with Tomaz Mencinger

Tomaz will show you several drills to help you improve your second serve. If you have trouble hitting spin, tend to double-fault, or want to develop a more effective second serve, this session is a must-watch. Tomaz is a world-class coach and has produced some of the best free and premium tennis courses on the internet.

Tomaz Mencinger Headshot

The 5 Fundamentals Flaws in Your Tennis Serve with Brian Smith

Learn the most common destructive flaws in your serve and how to fix them with Brian from Performance Tennis Training. Brian answers questions about how you can improve your serve and has a special video lesson exclusive for Tennis Technique Summit participants that will help you recognize and correct the most critical mistakes on your serve. Brian has produced hundreds of value-packed videos on his Performance Tennis Training channel and is also a full-time tennis coach in Milwaukee.

Brian Smith Headshot


An In-Depth Analysis of Forehand Parameters with David Ramos

Learn the critical fundamentals for optimal forehand technique with David, Senior Manager of Coaching Education and Performance at the United States Tennis Association. David will cover key elements like the grip, kinetic chain, balance, stability, and analyze them through powerpoint slides and slow motion video. David is a USPTA/PTR, P1 Professional with over 20 years of diverse professional experience and a Dartfish Certified Technician and Performance Analyst, providing training and video analysis for technique and tactics.

David Ramos Headshot USTA

How to Hit a Monster Topspin Forehand with Peter Freeman

Peter will show you step-by-step how to hit more topspin on your forehand. Learn the key principles for hitting topspin and set your forehand up for more consistency and success in this speaker session. Peter has created tons of fantastic free and premium tennis content on youtube and at Crunch Time Coaching.

Peter Freeman Headshot

How to Hit Your Forehand Like Roger Federer with Florian Meier

Florian will break down Roger Federer's forehand technique and explain the key principles that will make your forehand a weapon. Learn what makes Roger's forehand one of the best of all-time. Florian has helped countless players drastically improve their forehands through his coaching and at Online Tennis Instruction.

Florian Meier Headshot v2

How to Hit Technically-Sound Forehands with Billy Pate

Learn how to develop your forehand into a weapon so you can dictate play against your opponents. Billy will show you critical stroke mechanics and reveal his secrets to increasing power and precision on your forehand.  You'll also learn about specific technical nuances for the college game. Billy is the Head Men's Tennis Coach for the Princeton Tigers and Head Coach for Nike Tennis Camps in Princeton, New Jersey.

Florian Meier Headshot v2

Modern Tennis Methodology and the Forehand with Oscar Wenger

Oscar is the founder of Modern Tennis Methodology (MTM) and one of the most well-known tennis coaches in the world. After playing internationally in the 1960s, Oscar undertook a coaching career and developed a remarkable methodology that makes tennis an easy sport to learn.  He will teach you the principles of MTM and how it can drastically improve the way you hit your strokes, particularly on the forehand. 

Oscar Wenger


How to Hit Powerful One and Two-Handed Backhands with Sven Groeneveld

Sven will show you the technique you need to hit powerful, offensive two-handed backhands. Sven currently coaches Maria Sharapova and has guided her to numerous WTA Tour and Grand Slam titles.  He has coached a wide variety of professional tennis players, including Monica Seles, Arantxa Sanchez-VIcario, Ana Ivanovic, Caroline Wozniacki, Michael Stich, Greg Rusedki, Nicolas Kiefer, Tommy Haas, and Mario Ancic. Sven is also the former head of the Swiss Tennis Federation. He is the founder of Orange Coach.

Sven Groeneveld v2

The Modern 1-Handed Backhand with Kevin Garlington

Learn the step-by-step technique for hitting the modern one-handed backhand. Kevin will show you how to hit an effective one-handed backhand with confidence. If you are struggling with your one-hander and want to finally figure out how to hit it efficiently, consistently, and with power, this session is mandatory viewing. Kevin produces hundreds of fantastic videos with tens of thousands of views for his website at Total Tennis Domination.

Kevin Garlington Headshot Photo

How to Develop a More Natural Backhand with Roberto Brogin

Learn how to simplify your backhand and hit it with more natural power. Roberto is one of Tennis Canada’s top National Coaches and runs the Western National Junior High Performance Program. Roberto moved to Vancouver in September 2015 from the National Training Centre in Montreal where he has worked since 2007, training many of Canada’s top juniors including Françoise Abanda, Carol Zhao and Genie Bouchard. In August 2015, he led Canadian Womens’ team to a gold medal in the Pan Am Games.

Roberto Brogin Headshot

The Fundamentals of Two-Handed Technique with Marc Sophoulis

Marc will show you the key fundamentals of how to hit a solid and effective two handed backhand.  Marc is the Head Coach at Melbourne International Tennis School in Melbourne, Australia.  He is currently coaching Anastasia Rodionova, Arina Rodionova, Dane Propoggia, and Victor Hanescu. Marc is also Head Coach of Maribyrnong Sports Academy Tennis Program, which is Australia's No. 1 Tennis School.

Adam Blicher Headshot

Make Your Backhand Slice a Weapon with Adam Blicher

Adam shows you the proper technique for hitting a modern, effective backhand slice. Turn defense to offense and give your opponents all they can handle by tuning into Adam's step-by-step tutorial on hitting the backhand slice. Adam is a fellow podcaster with The Adam Blicher Show and travels all over the world coaching elite, world-class junior players at international tournaments and ITF events.

Adam Blicher Headshot


Simple and Effective Volley Technique with Ian Westermann

Ian will teach you how to hit fundamentally sound volleys and fix common mistakes made by amateurs at the net. Learn how to handle any volleys that come your way and finish the point off with confidence. Ian is the founder of Essential Tennis, one of the most successful instructional tennis sites and tennis podcasts of all time. 

Ian Westermann Headshot v1

5 Drills to Improve Your Volleys with Ramon Osa

Learn the exercises and drills that Ramon teaches to his students to help you volley with confidence at the net. In this session, you will learn proper volley technique through some of the most effective drills on the planet. Ramon produces value-filled and fun tennis content on youtube and for Osa Tennis 360.

Ramon Osa Headshot

How to Hit the Right Volley Every Single Time with Feisal Hassan

Learn how to adapt your technique to different types of volleys, and how it can make a huge difference in your success at the net. Feisal is a PTR 5A Pro and USPTA Master Professional. He is also a member of the Head/Penn Racquet Sports National Advisory Board and National Speaker’s Bureau and holds USPTA specialist degrees in Competitive Player Development, Facility Management, Little Tennis and Sports Science.

Feisal Hassan

Volley and Return Like the Pros with Megan Moulton-Levy

Learn how to volley like the pros on tour with Megan. She reached a career high WTA singles ranking of #237, and a career high doubles ranking of #50. Megan recently competed at the 2017 Australian Open and reached the round of 32 with fellow American Lauren Davis. Megan also coaches at the Junior Tennis Champions Center in College Park, Maryland.

Megan Moulton-Levy

Footwork and Big Concepts

How to Develop Efficient Footwork Technique with Allistair McCaw

World-class performance coach Allistair McCaw will teach you the principles and methods to developing efficient footwork mechanics. Allistair has helped the best tennis players in the world and elite athletes improve their speed and agility. Allistair is a coach, author, speaker, and founder of The McCaw Method. Allistair has trained Dinara Safina (former WTA #1), Svetlana Kuznetsova (US Open and French Open Champion), Kevin Anderson (ATP #15), Xavier Malisse (ATP #19), and Monica Puig (gold medalist and WTA #32).

Allistair McCaw Headshot

The Importance of The Contact Point in High-Performance Tennis Training with Vesa Ponkka

Learn why the right contact point is critical for your tennis success and how to have the perfect one on every shot. Vesa is Senior Director of Tennis at the Junior Tennis Champions Center.  He was selected as the 2011 USOC National Developmental Coach of the Year and has trained top junior players in the United States and Europe for national, NCAA, ITF and professional competition.  His students have won numerous professional and national titles, achieved the #1 ITF Junior World Ranking, several #1 USTA National Rankings, and NCAA All-American honors.

Vesa Ponkka

Developing Footwork Into a Lethal Weapon with Yann Auzoux

Yann will show you how to ramp up your footwork technique so you can dominate on the court. The two-time Washington DC coach of the year has appeared as a featured contributor on, and has also been a guest coach on FuzzyYellowBalls video lessons.  Yann is the founder of Tennis Central, which is one of the fastest growing apps in the tennis industry. He also coaches at Holton Arms High School where he has led the team to multiple championships.

Yann Auzoux Headshot

Receiving Skills and Technique in Younger Players with Mark Tennant

Learn why receiving skills is one of the most critical and under-appreciated concepts in the game. Mark has over 25 years’ experience coaching in clubs and tennis centers in the UK, specializing in particular in coaching starter players. He has been training coaches for the LTA and ITF for over 15 years, and has tutored over 90 qualification courses for the LTA. Mark is the founder of Inspire 2 Coach and Tennis 24/7.

Mark Tennant Headshot

The Most Effective Drills to Improve Your Footwork with Kostyantyn Khodirev

Learn the critical principles and key tips to improve your footwork technique. Kostyantyn will show you several drills you can use to help your anticipation, speed, and movement on the court. Kostyantyn is a full-time tennis coach at Wintergreen Resort and has helped hundreds of amateurs take their games to the next level. He graduated from the Ferris State Professional Tennis Management Program in Big Rapids, Michigan.

Kostyantyn Khodirev


Implementing Changes in Your Technique with Mehrban Iranshad

Mehrban will teach you the optimal approach to changing your tennis technique. He will guide you through next steps so you can use all the information you learned in the summit to improve your tennis technique and reach the next level in your career. This session is a must listen if you want to maximize the value of the summit and prevent information overwhelm.  Mehrban is the founder of Tennis Files LLC and The Tennis Files Podcast. He is also the host and creator of The Tennis Technique Summit.

Mehrban Iranshad Summit Host

How to Problem Solve Your Way to Tennis Success with Emma Doyle

Emma will show you how to work your way through your technical issues to improve your tennis strokes.  She is a speaker, coach, expert communicator and mentor at Ace Coach and has helped several professional tennis players reach top 120 WTA rankings.  Emma is also a Tennis Australia High Performance Coach (USPTA – Pro 1 & PTR – PC) and continues to travel the world as a professional speaker specializing in helping people to maximize and live their potential through tennis.

Emma Doyle Headshot

How to Develop Technique in Juniors with Debbie Graham Shaffer

Learn the optimal approach to teaching technique to junior players with Debbie. She will show you the fundamental principles and critical mistakes that coaches make when developing juniors. Debbie, a former #35-ranked player on the WTA Tour, is the founder of Little Aces Tennis.  She was awarded the WTA award for the "Most Impressive Newcomer" in 1992.  She was also a High Performance Coach for women at the USTA Training Center in Carson, California.

Debbie Graham

Preventing Nerves From Affecting Your Strokes with Scott Baxter

Learn why we get nervous on the court and secrets to controlling your emotions so you can play optimal tennis with Scott. He is the CEO and Founder of Play Your Court, a service that quickly and easily connects you with top tennis coaches in your area. Scott is a USPTA certified Elite Professional with over 12 years of teaching experience and was a top-ranked junior in the Mid-Atlantic area.  He played college tennis at the University of Maryland.

Scott Baxter Photo

How to Improve Your Game with Smart Technical Training — Edgar Giffenig

Edgar will reveal his biggest technical training secrets to help you improve your game. Edgar was a National Coach for the USA, Germany and Mexico as well as a partner in two Major Academies: International Tennis Academy in Florida and Centro MexTenis in Mexico. He has been a speaker at many National and International Coaches Conventions and is the International Consultant for Tennisgate, a company specializing in tennis coaches' education.

Edgar Giffenig Headshot

Removing Emotional Blocks That Affect Technique with Alexis Santin

Alexis will teach you how to remove mental blocks to help you improve your technique and consistency. Alexis brings a new way of thinking about progression and performance that has allowed thousands of players to unlock their potential.  He is the founder of Academie Tennis Tactique and has a fantastic Youtube channel dedicated to helping players improve their technique and tactics.

Alexis Santin Headshot

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